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Intake: April 6, 2001

Species: Green

Weight: 170 lbs

Reason: Entanglement in fishing line resulting in the loss of front left  flipper. Shark attack leaving only half of his right front flipper. Missing one eye due to the fibropapilloma tumors, and was hit by a boat.

Location: Avalon Park, Florida

Gender: Male


BIO: The “poster child” for injured sea turtles, Montel has had everything happen to him. Monofilament entanglement resulted in amputation of his right front flipper. Shark attack bit off half of left front flipper leaving only half a front flipper remaining. Fibropapilloma tumors are  the reason why he lost his one eye. and boat hit resulting in loss of one eye and indented shell.

7/4/18: UPDATE: Annual physical. Currently weighing in at 167 lbs. Montel is enjoying his time in the main pool with the other turtles. Favorite thing to do is eat and relax.