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Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat

Arrival: 7/25/16

Species: Green

Weight: 16 lbs

Location: Transfer from Loggerhead Marinelife

Reason: FP and fishing line ingestion

Gender: Female

BIO: This juvenile green came in July 25, 2016 from Loggerhead Marinelife, and was a very smelly turtle. The rehab specialists decided to name her Smelly Cat after the TV show “FRIENDS”. We gave her a wonderful bath and cleaned her up, so she is no longer stinky.


UPDATED: 8/4/16 Had one round of surgery to remove a tumor with a fishing hook.

Smelly Cat

UPDATED: 9/15/16

Last week I had surgery to remove the tumors from my eyes. Today I had surgery to have some more tumors removed.  I will remain in the hospital over night, and the staff will check on me regularly to see that I am resting peaceful. Tomorrow I will go back into water and possibly have my bandages removed.

Smelly cat

UPDATED: 10/8/16 I’ve had about five surgeries to remove the tumors. One front flipper has had the tumors removed as well as the underneath side of the turtle. Still have more surgeries to go, but I’m on my way to becoming tumor free.

Smelly Cat

UPDATED: 10/12/16 Last surgery; I’m now tumor free! I’ll remain in a tank getting antibiotics, fluids, and wounds dressed with honey.

Smelly Cat

UPDATED: 2/2/17 Had a regrowth of a tumor removed. Now tumor free again!!

Smelly Cat

UPDATED: 5/31/17 Tumor Free once again!