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Intake: 9/7/19

Species: Green

Weight: 153 lbs (69.55 kg)

Reason:  Speared & Entanglement


9/7/19-Intake: This turtle was found by a boater and called FWC. FWC went out and picked up the turtle and our staff picked it up from them. Splinter was found at Carysfort Reef off Key Largo entangled in trap line with a spear coming out of its neck. Dr. Doug Mader remove the Spear.

9/16/19-Swimming around with a lot more ease now there is no longer a spear through my neck and half way into my body. Only have to work on getting the infection cleared up.

10/1/19-Still working on getting my infection cleared up. The rehabilitation staff is so good to me, they are actually feeding me ocean grass, pulled up from the ocean by them.

11/1/19 Released from Higgs Beach Key West