The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.




Intake: 2/25/20

Species: Green

Weight: 6 lbs ( 3.0 kg)

Reason:  Floating / Debilitated

Gender: N/A

2/25/20- Intake: Transfer from Brevard Zoo’s Turtle Healing Center. Stitch was found floating North of the Tides, by Patrick Air force Base.

4/7/20: Stitch is doing very well. Gaining weight up to 7 lbs now.

4/15/2020: Stitch does not want his/her picture taken.

5/7/2020: Had a virtual visit with the doctor, and cleared for release. Soon Stitch will return to the ocean. Stitch as decided the camera wont hurt her and is now curious about it.

9/12/2020: Vet visit with Dr. Brooke went well, all cleared for release.

9/15/2020: Released at Sombrero Beach.