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Intake: 4/1/91

Species: Green

Weight: 170 lbs.

Reason: FP

Gender: Male


BIO: April came in with Fibropapilloma tumors covering both eyes. We had to remove his left eye, and he lost most of his vision in his right eye. So he is mostly blind.

UPDATED: 8/7/18 Had my annual physical, and currently Weighing in at 178 lbs. Even survived a category 4 hurricane; IRMA last September. April continues to swim in the main pool with all the other permanent and non-releasable turtles.

UPDATE: 8/12/20 Yearly physical for April and he did great put on 10 lbs., and is now weighing in at 188 lbs. He tends to be spoiled by the staff.

UPDATE: 1/13/2022 April having a spa day! Getting off the algae on its shell with a scrub brush. April is getting use to the new (non-releasables) family members in the main pool.