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Arrival: 9/29/16

Species: Green

Weight: 23 lbs

Location: Dead Terrapin Key, Islamorada

Reason: Boat strike & FP & Gas

Gender: Male





BIO: The turtle was hit in the back end of it’s shell by a propeller. The edges of the boat strike indicate that it is not a fresh wound. Right now we are still evaluating him to determine the extent of his injuries, especially internally. Anytime there is damage to the rear end, problems can occur related to the spinal cord and/or digestive tract. We are awaiting results of his CT Scan and will know more then.  Hopefully this turtle will make a full recovery. The rescuer named the turtle after their rescue dog “Toby.”

7/4/19 UPDATE: Helping out with research, so I’m donating blood.











4/28/20 UPDATE: Toby got some new weights put on.