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Bev Released

Loggerhead sea turtle Bev came to us on March 26 entangled in a trap rope around her left front flipper. Although Bev was a very healthy size and weight, 257 pounds and 3.25 feet long, her flipper was severely damaged, exposing the bone. Bev was put on antibiotics and scheduled for surgery with Dr. Doug Mader and Dr. Jackie Bruce, who successfully removed the flipper. Her wound was cleaned daily to remove dead tissue and encourage healthy growth. Bev, estimated to be anywhere from 50-80 years old, was very stubborn and intent on not eating after surgery. She was hand fed by staff over the course of her five-month recovery. Bev was released in the same area she was found, thanks to the help of the Daniels family, Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association members, who took Bev, her rescuer Rich Dorn, and her caregivers out on their boat “My Toy.”

Rehabilitation Technician Gunnar Zollinger with Bev

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