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Bye Bye Hendo (aka Henderson)

Loggerhead sea turtle Henderson was lethargic and slightly emaciated when found floating near Big Coppitt Key on February 27. He had a fresh wound to the left side of his shell, a sore on the left side of his skull, and a large intestinal impaction, which often forms when turtles eat things that they shouldn’t such as plastics and other ocean debris. Henderson was initially put on antibiotics and a diet of squid, oil, fiber, and Beano. Tube feedings of “gruel,” a blended mix of Lactulose, Gatorade, Nutrical, and fiber, began after he refused to eat on his own. Within a few weeks he was no longer floating and put back on a normal diet. In three months Henderson gained 10 pounds and was extremely active. His public release was on August 21 at Higgs Beach in Key West.

Rehabilitation Technician Marie Simpson with Henderson.

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