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Cosimo and Forest Go Home

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Loggerheads Cosimo and Forest were brought in by FWC & NOAA on June 25 & June 26. Cosimo, an emaciated subadult sea turtle, was found to be severely impacted with crab shell
throughout his G.I. tract. His treatment included antibiotics, oil and fiber-stuffed squid to aid in the passing of his impaction. Over the course of one month on this feeding regiment, Cosimo passed about a pound of crab shell.

Forest, also a subadult sea turtle, was treated for a puncture wound to the spinal area of his carapace. Hospital staff removed a piece of dead bone from the wound that not only did not belong to Forest but was initially unidentifiable. After lab analysis it was determined that Forest was speared by a billfish, either a swordfish or marlin. During feeding events, sea turtles and billfish are often in close distance to one another, which can lead to accidental encounters. Cosimo and Forest were both released by FWC on August 20 in the area they were originally rescued.

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