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Triple Release!

Staff members headed out just after work on Friday in search of some big beds of sea grass to release three juvenile Green turtles! All three of the turtles were with us for almost exactly a month after being found in trouble.


Caitlin releases Trey


Trey was found first on July 7th after being accidentally hooked by a fisherman. The hook wasn’t visible but Dr. Cathy was able to remove the hook using some long tubing (seen left). After a few doses of antibiotics and a final blood work check-up, he was cleared for release!


Sue of FWC and Rosemary release Dusty

Dusty was seen floating and rescued by Sue and Bill of FWC during the release of “Captain Hook” on August 4th. Dusty had an intestinal blockage of sponge and had become extremely bloated. Fiber and Beano did the trick! He was able to rest on the bottom and his blood levels fell into normal ranges.

mikeyLastly was little Mikey who was found in a Key West marina by a family who was docking their boat. They saw his flipper was badly mangled by a predator and he couldn’t dive down. It turned out the turtle had eaten a bunch of tiny plastic fragments which caused an intestinal blockage.


Rosemary releases Mikey

Just outside of the Everglades National Park has very little boat traffic and lots of sea grass-a perfect release spot!

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