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Public Release Sunday November 7th

Wilma, a 200 pound female Loggerhead, is finally returning home after a long and arduous journey at The Turtle Hospital.

 Rescued October 25th 2009, Wilma (named after the hurricane that devastated the keys October 25th 2005) had suffered a boat strike which left her with three distinct propeller marks on her carapace (shell.) She was entangled in fishing line and had lost a portion of her right front flipper. After an examination and x-ray, staff was shocked to find several hooks lodged inside her bowel. Two linked J-hooks were clearly visible in her upper intestines. It would take 8 long months for the hooks to move low enough in her intestinal track for staff veterinarian Dr. Douglas Mader to surgically remove the foreign objects.

After a year in treatment Wilma is finally ready to return to her ocean home and we’d like to invite YOU to join us on for this very special occasion!

 Please join us Sunday November 7th at noon on Sombrero Beach located in Marathon.

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