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Very Special Public Sea Turtle Release Friday 7/20

We have two majestic sea turtles ready for release.  A 365 pound adult female green (the second largest turtle ever to be treated at the Turtle Hospital) and a 215 pound adult male loggerhead.  The release is Friday July 20 at Sombrero Beach in Marathon. We will arrive at the beach at 8:30 a.m. with release promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Coco on Intake

Little Money

Where do sea turtles go after rehab?  Both of these turtles will be fitted with satellite tags as part of the Tour de Turtles program.  Tour de Turtles is a fun, educational journey through the science, research and geography of sea turtle migration using satellite telemetry.  After the turtles are returned to sea, the general public will be able to follow them online to see where the turtles go!  How fun is that?!  Little Money and Coco are the only rehabilitated sea turtles in the race.
(Not so) “Little Money“, a 365 pound adult female green sea turtle was found by a boater beached on Money Key on June 20th.  It took two Turtle Hospital staff and three FWC officers on two boats to rescue Little Money.  Little Money was treated at the Turtle Hospital for gastrointestinal issues.  Little Money received broad spectrum antibiotics, vitamins, fluids and a healthy diet.  She is swimming strong, healthy and ready to return to her ocean home!
Coco“, a 215 pound adult male loggerhead sea turtle was rescued 9 miles offshore of Marathon in the Florida Bay.  Coco was found floating and was rescued on February 27th.  Coco was very thin and edematous, covered in barnacles and algae.  X-rays at the Turtle Hospital revealed a severe intestinal impaction and pneumonia.  Treatment at the Turtle Hospital included IV nutrition, broad spectrum antibiotics, lactulose, fluids and eventually, when he began eating, a healthy diet of fish and squid.  Coco passed almost 4 pounds of shells and has gained 25 pounds!  It is a rare opportunity to track an adult male sea turtle.  Male turtles do not normally return to land after they hatch out as babies.  Coco is healthy and ready to go back to sea!   We are very interested to see where this big boy goes!
Little Money and Coco will be fitted with small transmitters and will be returned to their ocean home on Friday, July 20th.  Join us for this very special public sea turtle release at Sombrero Beach in Marathon.  Two Turtle Hospital ambulances with transport these amazing animals to arrive at the beach at 8:30 a.m. with release promptly at 9:00 a.m.
Bring your family and friends to join in the fun of Little Money and Coco’s journey back to sea!
After the release, you will be able to track both turtles online at

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