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Workshop 2010

Each year The Turtle Hospital holds an annual sea turtle workshop for veterinarians, biologists and researchers involved with the care of sea turtles. This year several different countries uncluding Pakistan, Antigua, Belize and Australia joined the workshop to share information collected in an effort to help perserve sea turtle populations worldwide.

The first day included 20 informative discussions and lectures from rehabilitation facilities like The Turtle Hospital. Topics included treatments, mediciations, case studies and experiences throughout the last year to help one facility learn from another. Thanks to Florida Keys Save-A-Turtle volunteers, the first day ended with a complimentary BBQ. Guests discussed the days events and spent the evening viewing our patients.


Day two consisted of two labs. A “wet” lab with Dr. Brian Stacey (University of Florida) who described proper methods for necropsying patients which have passed to confirm cause of death. He also taught each participant how to properly collect samples for further evaluation. The “dry” lab with Dr. Jeanette Wyneken  (University of Florida) and Dr. Mader (Marathon Veterinary Hospital) focused on sea turtle anatomy and physiology.

This year The Turtle Hospital had several new attendees who had recently begun work with sea turtles. We would like to sincerely thank the nearly 150 people who attended this years workshop and extend a special thank you to those with presentations who stood up and shared their experiences with others. In addition, The Turtle Hospital would like to thank Save-A-Turtle, whose volunteers not only help our nesting females and hatchlings, but who also continue to support The Turtle Hospital throughout the year.

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