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Wyland Art Sale To Benefit Hospital

Wyland, famous for his amazing underwater paintings and murals, met with Turtle Hospital staff and a little Loggerhead named Scooter at his gallery in Islamorada and Key West. The Turtle Hospital was personally invited to the “Meet The Artist” event where staff was able to educate guests on sea turtles and the impact we as humans have on the ocean. During the event, Wyland created an original painting of our beautiful educational Loggerhead, Scooter.


This original one of a kind painting was donated by Wyland to The Turtle Hosptial. It is valued at $3,750. The Turtle Hosptial will be selling the painting for its estimated value with all proceeds benefiting The Turtle Hosptial. 100% of the proceeds will be used for the medical and surgical care our current 51 sea turtles desperately need.

If you are interested in this fabulous original piece of art by Wyland and would like to help support The Turtle Hospital please contact Turtle Hospital at 305-743-2552 or at


Thank you for  your interest and support!


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