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Cletus is a hatchling Green sea turtle found at the bottom of his nest in the Marquesas. We quickly discovered that this little hatchling was unique! Something happened during his development inside the egg, and he was born with a lower jaw deformity. Birth defects can and do occur in sea turtles. Some debilitating, others manageable. Cletus is an active little sea turtle who loves food! When given chopped up squid tentacles for breakfast, he is able to eat on his own. It may take him a little longer than other hatchlings, but his tenacity makes up for time! For now, we will continue to monitor Cletus and his ability to eat, while he enjoys all the attention and free meals!


UPDATE 10/10/2009:

Sadly, our little Cletus did not survive the surgery to re-set his lower jaw. The surgery was necessary to give him a chance at returning home. Because Cletus is a Green sea turtle, an herbivore in the wild, his top and lower jaw must work together to tear sea grass and algae from their roots for food.  His best chance at survival was to attempt the surgery early in life. Our vet and Turtle Hospital staff did everything possible for Cletus and he will truly be missed.

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