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Kieran was rescued on July 16th from Islamorada. She was found floating, with a distinct hump in her shell. Upon admittance, Turtle Hospital staff feared that Kieran was a Bubble Butt. The recognizable hump in her shell commonly forms on turtles suffering from bubble butt syndrome, most likely after being struck by the hull of an oncoming boat. Since this syndrome has no cure, these potential permanent residents are treated with a full course of antibiotics and laxatives “just in case” an unrelated problem was not detected in blood work or on x-ray. Kieran was that case! After a couple months of antibiotics and squid heads filled with Vegetable Oil, Kieran began to dive under the surface and sit on the bottom of her tank! Encouraged and surprised, Turtle Hospital staff moved Kieran into the shallow end of our main pool to see if she could dive deeper……and she can! Kieran is thoroughly enjoying her time in the pool, swimming with ease, checking out the Mullet that inhabit her side of the pool and her new roommate Sandy the Hawksbill. Although her progress has been astonishing, she will need to remain at The Turtle Hospital under observation for some time to ensure that her floating problem does not re-occur.


UPDATE February 19th 2010:

Sadly Kieran was found dead by staff. Cause of death was complications from Bubble Butt syndrome.

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