The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


On Friday June 24th, local resident Sam Sutton was working on a boat at Murray’s Marina on Stock Island when he noticed a Loggerhead struggling to dive. He immediately called The Turtle Hospital and administrator Ryan Butts responded.

Upon arrival they easily located the 85 pound Loggerhead listlessly swimming in the shallow marina struggling to dive. Luckily they were able to rescue the injured turtle and she was taken back to The Turtle Hospital for evaluation.

Staff quickly noticed a deep propeller wound to the back of her carapace (shell). Although the injury appeared to be several months old, the open wound may have gotten infected while healing. Luckily, x-ray’s revealed no internal damage or foreign object ingestion. Treatment will include antibiotics, vitamins and rest. Staff expects a speedy recovery!


Murray, a sub adult Loggerhead, returned to his ocean home on October 1st just three short months after being admitted to The Turtle Hospital with a propeller wound to his carapace.

Although the injury was older and had begun healing before he had been admitted to the hospital, infection was present which was causing Murray to float. He was found drifting into Murray’s Marina, a very busy boating area on Stock Island.

Having survived a boat hit, this lucky little Loggerhead quickly adapted to life at the hospital enjoying free squid meals and all the attention staff and visitors alike provided. With a full course of antibiotics and wound care Murray quickly recovered and is enjoying life back in his ocean home.

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