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New Year, New Turtles

We are starting 2015 with a lot new patients here at The Turtle Hospital. All of our new patients are doing great but none of their rescues would have been possible with out the help of all the people who saw these turtles in trouble, reported them to us and helped to rescue them. These were very lucky turtles to be found by such kind people, willing to go that extra step and save the life of an endangered sea turtle.

If you see a turtle in distress please call our stranding phone (305) 481-7669.

  • December 13th, we received a call from Scuba-Do Dive charters in Key Largo. They had spotted a turtle floating and unable to dive. Amazingly they were able to get the turtle on their boat and met one of our rehabbers at the dock with what turned out to be a 265lb Loggerhead, whom they named Tiny. Tiny had buoyancy issues due to intestinal gas but had also been the victim of a boat strike injury and entanglement. He is still in treatment for his intestinal gas and boat strike.
  • December 14th, a small Green turtle with tumors was floating in a canal behind a house in Key West. The people who spotted this turtle were able to catch it and keep it safe until a rehabber could arrive. That turtle is Itty Bitty, who weighs just over 11 pounds and has now begun the process of having her fibropapilloma tumors removed; she just returned from the eye doctor and is now clear of the tumors on her eyes.

             Itty Bitty with her Rescuers

  • December 17th, we got a report about a very small sea turtle seen floating off of Summerland Key. This was Charlie, a very young green sea turtle that only weighs 5lbs and has Fibropapilloma tumors. Charlie is still very weak but gaining strength each day here at the hospital.
  • December 18th, there was a turtle floating 2 miles off of the Bahia Honda Bridge with boat strike injuries. One of the rehabbers raced out and helped to rescue Frumpy, a 133lb Loggerhead, which not only had severe boat strike injuries but was very skinny. Frumpy is making great progress as his injuries continue to heal.

                  Frumpy’s rescue

  • December 20th, we received a call about another Loggerhead seen floating off Bahia Honda. This was Barnacle Bill, a 160lb Loggerhead with buoyancy issues due to intestinal gas. One the same day, shortly after Barnacle Bill was rescued, we received a call about a small green sea turtle floating near Cudjoe Key. There we were able to rescue Ray, a juvenile only weighing 3lbs. Sweet Baby Ray, as he is affectionately known here at the hospital, is battling a parasitic infection.
  • December 24th, Rehabbers went on another rescue for a loggerhead found floating behind a house on Geiger Key. Being Christmas eve they named this 70lb loggerhead Grinch and he is in treatment here for intestinal gas caused by an impaction.
  • December 25th, was another loggerhead floating in Key Largo. This is where we rescued Noel; she weighs just under a 100lbs and also has buoyancy issues caused by intestinal gas.

Noel and her rescuers

  • December 28th, there was a sea turtle floating by Summerland Key who is a 25lb green turtle is named Woody with Fibropapilloma tumors. Woody is now tumor free and recovering well.
  • January 2nd,  we got a call about Decater who was found by a family from Decater, GA. This 25lb green is also sick with the Fibropapilloma virus but has now had the tumors covering his eyes removed.
  • January 4th one of our rehabbers traveled all the way to the Ocean Reef club in the north Keys to rescue Gaia, a 150lb Loggerhead who has intestinal gas. Gaia means “Mother of Earth” in Greek and it was a great name for this beautiful turtle.
  • January 13th, we met Boca Jack. He is a 70lb Loggerhead found struggling off of Boca Chica. The people who reported Boca Jack to us were able to get him on their kayak and paddle him into shore where they met one of the rehab staff and he is now receiving treatment for intestinal gas.

Boca Jack and his Rescuers

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