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Public Sea Turtle Release

Higgs Beach Friday, May 5th 9:00am

JOIN us for a Public Sea Turtle Release Friday, May 5th at Higg’s Beach in Key West (behind Salute’ restaurant).  Bring your family and friends to help cheer for Mainer, an adult loggerhead sea turtle returning to his ocean home!  Mainer, a handsome 200 pound turtle was rescued in March off  Summerland Key where he was found floating, unable to dive.  Mainer’s treatment at the Turtle Hospital included mineral oil, broad spectrum antibiotics, vitamins, fluids, and a healthy diet of mixed seafood.  Mainer is fully recovered and ready to return to his ocean home just in time for sea turtle mating season in the Florida Keys!  Mainer will be fitted with a small transmitter for tracking purposes.  After release, you will be able to follow Mainer’s journey online!  The Turtle Hospital ambulance will arrive at Higg’s beach with Mainer at 8:40 a.m. with release promptly at 9:00 a.m.  See you there!

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