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Sunday, a sub-adult Loggerhead, was rescued September 9th in Marathon near The Turtle Hospital. Sunday suffered a traumatic boat strike to the side of her carapace. It appears as though she was crushed by the hull of the boat, or possibly the side of a jet ski. Usually a prop wound to the carapace causes damage, not only to the shell, but to the soft tissue underneath or the lungs. In her case it appears as though only her shell was damaged during the strike.


(Upon Admittance, the parts of the carapace that are missing are stuffed with gauze to prevent bleeding)

Amazingly, Sunday remains active, alert and full of energy! She spends her day cruising her tank, munching on squid and checking out our guests seemingly unaware of the injury she sustained. The best course of treatment for Sunday is to allow the shell to heal naturally, with a little help from staff of course! The injury is cleaned with a surgical scrub and filled with honey to help the healing process. Eventually, the portions of her carapace that are missing will fill or granulate with scar tissue.  Turtle Hospital staff have been shocked, amazed and surprised by her progress so far! If she continues her quick recovery, her stay here will one day end and she can be returned back home to the sea!

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