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Surgery Day for Green Sea Turtles

Fitzy under anaesthesia for laser surgery.

Last Wednesday, March 6, three juvenile green sea turtles went under surgery here at The Turtle Hospital. Fitzy, Shiny, and Dash were all lined up and ready to go by 9 am when Dr. Cathy Connelly, MS DVM, arrived. All three green turtles needed laser surgery for the removal of tumors that were a result of a virus called fibropapillomatosis. About 50% of our turtles, typically greens, come in with this virus and many of them require more than one surgery before they can be completely tumor free. That was the case for Fitzy who was having his fourth surgery since intake that day.  Dr. Mader, our Veterinarian of Record, welcomed Dr. Cathy to the staff at Marathon Veterinary Clinic in January. Since then she has shown so much enthusiasm for helping and learning about this endangered species!  We are so grateful she is happily willing to donate her services and expertise to them. We would like to send Dr. Cathy a warm welcome from us and the turtles!

Thanks Dr. Cathy!!!

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