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Tortie Release

Tortie, a juvenile green sea turtle was admitted to The Turtle Hospital December 1, 2021. This little 14 pound turtle was found on Sugarloaf with a heavy load of fibropapilloma tumors. After many surgeries and a healthy diet, Tortie remained tumor free. Today was the day of Torties release at Sombrero Beach. Tortie was fitted with a satellite tracker. Even through the morning rain, so many supporters were there to wish Tortie farewell. Tortie has now entered a race called Tour De Turtles, and the race starts on August 1st. You can track this beautiful green turtle to see where Tortie will go at the link provided.

Tortie with tracker

7 Responses

  1. the Herron Family says:

    Dear Turtle Hospital,

    What a fabulous facility you are. When I called you about “Tortie” who was stranded behind our house in Sugarloaf I never imagined that you would be so wonderful and successful in saving her life.
    Thank you for all you do. I just wrote a check to you for $100 to use to save another turtle.
    Jane Herron

    • theturtlehospital says:

      Thank you for finding Tortie! Without your help Tortie might not have made it.

  2. Mil says:

    Hello, where can you see how many miles Tortie has travelled? I don’t see that on the map. Thank you.

  3. Jane Herron says:

    Do you think Tortie is trying to get back to the hospital? I’m scared for her.
    Jane Herron

    • theturtlehospital says:

      Tortie is exploring. This is possibly a place she has not been to before.